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Follow the Rules

As mentioned in previous blogs, the most important thing to consider when training gymnastics is safety. Therefore, clubs often have strict safety rules. Make sure that you know and understand these rules. You should always consult with your doctor before starting any form of training. Your parents should also fill-out a health form that points to any medical conditions you might have. Make sure you always have plenty of space around you when training to avoid injuring yourself and others. Use soft non-slippery mats every time and follow the instructions given by your coach at all times. Other important safety rules can include:

- Start each training session with a warm-up and stretching. - Follow the coach’s instructions at all times.

- Do not use any equipment if someone else is using it and without the permission of your coach.

- Perform only the skills that you have been permitted to do.

If you require spotting or any help, wait for the coach to come and help you. - Avoid any unnecessary contact with others during the session. Sometimes, a coach may tell you to avoid doing a particular skill and instead will give you an easier one to do. That is fine. There is no need to be frustrated. This just means that you may need some more training before you are ready to perform that particular skill. Trust your coaches. They want the best for you. You should be patient and always follow every instruction.

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