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Welcome to your Gymnastics Journey!

Welcome to your Gymnastics Journey!

Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and exciting sports to learn. It is also a very important sport as it helps you improve your strength, speed, flexibility, posture, balance, body awareness, and overall health and fitness. It provides a platform where you can learn various skills which are also important in other sports such as running, jumping, rolling, and various support skills. It also helps you build confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline. However, gymnastics can also be dangerous if you do not follow certain safety procedures, especially when attempting more advanced skills.

These blogs are for all children that want to learn gymnastics. However, these blogs are not there to replace the teachings of a gymnastics coach. Coaches can help spot and correct any mistakes you are doing. Gymnastics clubs also have expensive and specialised equipment that will help with more advanced skills. All students are encouraged to join a gymnastics club as early as possible. You can however use the information found in these blogs as a training aid.

These blogs are split into three different parts. The first part will give you an introduction to gymnastics as we cover the safety procedures you should always follow, the various equipment used in gymnastics, how to do a proper warm-up, and several conditioning exercises that will make your body stronger. The second part contains various lessons covering different areas of gymnastics, including body positions, balancing, support, locomotor skills, rolling, and tumbling. Each lesson is progressive starting from the easier skills that are ideal for children who have never done gymnastics, to the more advanced gymnastics skills. Each lesson will prepare you for the next and we encourage you to walk step-by-step throughout these blogs and do not attempt anything you are not yet ready for. Also, make sure you always practise on a soft and thick mat and always have plenty of space. The third part will cover skills performed on apparatus including the beam, bars, and vaults. You should always perform all the skills on these apparatus with a coach present to spot you, so as to avoid any risks of injuries.

These blogs are a must-read not only for beginners but also for experienced gymnasts. You will find plenty of resources that will help you improve your performance. We are sure that you will enjoy gymnastics and we hope that this book can help you learn and improve your skills.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Head Coach Darren

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